Governor says no to calls to evacuate his people from Mandera


By Farah Adan.

Kwale Governor Mr. Salim Mvurya.

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya said that residents from his County working in Mandera will not be evacuated for fear of insecurity.

He instead called on the National Government to provide security for all residents of Mandera regardless of whether they are locals or non-locals.

Speaking at Lungalunga, the Governor made the remarks in response to a request by Mwereni MCA Kassim Pojo who requested for the repatriation of Kwale residents working in Mandera..

Following successive attacks by Al-Shabaab targeting non – locals in the County, Mandera suffered mass exodus of Kenyans from the rest of the Country causing a huge blow to the economy of the County.

Schools, health centers and many other development projects stalled because staffs working in the said projects have fled the town citing heightened insecurity.







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