Governor Roba announces changes to his government.


By Abdiweli Aden


Governor Ali Roba announcing changes to his government on May 6, 2015 in Mandera.


Mandera Governor Capt. Ali Roba has carried out a major surgery in his executive in a move he said was aimed at improving efficiency and service delivery.

Addressing top officials of his administration before announcing the changes, the governor said that it was imperative to reflect on their performance and chart the way forward as the county administration turned two years.

Roba added that while a lot has been achieved during the two years, there was still much to be done hence the re-organization.

“This restructuring is therefore, being done in order to increase operational efficiency and improve service delivery to the people of Mandera County” he said.

In the far reaching changes announced by the governor, county departments will now be referred to as Ministries while divisions within those departments will be referred to as Departments.

Executive committee members, Sub-county administrators and their deputies as well as town administrators have all been reshuffled.

The positions of Director and his deputy was created under every Chief Officer while several directorates have been created in the Office of the Governor and his deputy to improve coordination of service delivery.

Changes in the County Executive Committee

Mr. Ahmed Sheikh has been moved from the Public Service, Cohesion and Integration docket to the Ministry of Health Services.

Mr. Abdiaziz Sheikh Maad was moved from the Ministry of Trade, Investment, Industrialization, and Cooperative Development to the Ministry of Public Service Management and Devolved Units.

Mr. Hassan Eimoi moved from the Ministry of Health Services to that of Trade, Investment, Industrialization and Cooperative Development.

Mrs. Ethila Mahamud Isack has been moved from Public works Roads and Transport to the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Natural Resources.

Mr. Ahmed Ali Madey has been moved from Water, sanitation Energy,Environment and Natural resources to the Ministry of Roads , public works and Transport.

Mr. Mohamed Omar Absiye has been moved from Agriculture and irrigation to Education, sports and Culture.

Mrs. Johora Mohamed Abdi moves from Education, Gender, Sports and social services to Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

mandera county staff

Staff members of the County government of Mandera follow proceedings as the governor announced the changes.


Changes in County Chief Officers

Mr. Hassannoor Adan Abdullahi has moved from Agriculture and Irrigation
to the Department of Devolved units in the Ministry of Public service.

Mr. Abdinasir Abdirahman Mohamed has moved from the Ministry of Trade, Investment, Industrialization, and Cooperative Development to Gender, Youth and Social Services.

Mr. Mohamed Ali Omar has been promoted from Director, Water and Sanitation
to Chief Officer, Lands, Housing Development and Physical Planning.

Mr. Adawa Haji Adan has moved from Finance and Economic Planning to the Ministry of Public works, Roads and Transport.

Mr. Hassan Ibrahim Bori has moved from the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Social Services to the Ministry of trade, Investment Cooperative Development and Industrialization.

Mr. Shukri Osman is now moved from Chief Officer Lands, Housing and Physical Planning to chief officer for urban development in the Ministry of Lands, Housing Development and physical Planning.

Mr. Mohamed Adan Osman has moved from the Ministry of Cohesion and Integration to the Directorate of De-radicalization, Rehabilitation and Youth Empowerment.

Mr. Dakane M. Ahmed has been moved from public works, Roads and Transport to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.





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