Governor Mutua of Machakos launches Fastest built highway in Africa

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on launching the fastest built highway in Africa in the County- Photo Courtesy of Governor Mutua

Residents of Machakos County have a reason to smile following the completion of the fastest built highway in Africa. Governor Alfred Mutua today launched the project today in a colorful ceremony.

The 33Km stretch Makutano ma Mwala to Kithimani road was built with a third of the cost previously estimated by KENHA.

In a post on his facebook page, Governor mutua highlighted the project in detail as follows:



1. The Road is a critical linkage road cutting across Machakos County joining Garissa Road to Machakos Kitui Road.

2. The Road is 33 kilometres long.
3. The original KENHA (National Government) estimate cost was Kshs. 1.6 billion for construction of the road. However, Machakos County Government has constructed it for Kshs. 650 Million, a third of the KENHA cost. Local contractors, registered with the National Government were used. The road was supervised by qualified engineers and all materials tested by the National Government’s testing unit.
4. The road was fully funded using Machakos Government County funds.
5. The Road was built in a record of three (3) months (March 18th, 2014 – June 18th, 2014).
– This was by using eleven (11) contractors, each contractor assigned 3 kilometres. Had it been awarded a single contractor, the road would have taken a minimum of 36 – 48 months (3- 4 years).

– This is a revolutionary way of doing things. Same quality but faster results for Wananchi.

6. The Road has street lights installed on it, road signage and also features a Rest Area with a toilet and Convenience Store.

– The street lights feature 28 transformers and have also provided electricity to towns and homes along the highway.

7. The road has CCTV Cameras covering its entire length.

8. The towns of Kithimani and Makutano Ma Mwala have also been tarmacked and lit.

9. The Road was promised to the people of Machakos County by President Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Moi and Mwai Kibaki to no avail. It is considered the most vital road in the County.

10. Governor Dr. Alfred N. Mutua visited and monitored construction of the road by visiting over 10 times and by receiving regular reports of speed of construction and quality. – This is the first tarmac road built by a County Government in Kenya.

11. The construction is based on Governor Alfred N. Mutua’s development ideology of Maendeleo Chap Chap, meant to provide speedy, quality and efficient service for citizens.

12. Another development Program that makes MACHAKOS COUNTY – THE PLACE TO BE

Fastest built road in africa makutano ma mwala to kithimani road (33kms),








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