Give us financial muscle – Wajir County’s Women M.P. demands

Wajir’s Women M.P. Hon. Fatuma

Wajir County’s Women M.P. Hon. Fatuma Ibrahim has called for the strengthening of the position of Women M.P. so that they can serve women and other vulnerable groups better.

Hon. Fatuma says that they should be given budgetary allocations like CDF in order to remain relevant and carry out their duties effectively adding that they currently don’t have money to make impact and advance women issues.

She said if the position is not given funds, wananchi will see it as useless and of no benefit to them.

“Whenever wananchi seek our help we have to turn to our colleagues in Parliament and Governors for assistance because we have no allocations” she lamented in an interview with the BBC’s Somali service.

She said Parliament has given them offices at constituency level but this was not enough.

She is calling for social affirmative development budget so that they can uplift the living standards of women and other vulnerable groups.

Hon. Fatuma said that Women M.P.s were working on a bill on affirmative action social development fund targeting women, disabled and other vulnerable groups but she fears it may not see the light of day because their male colleagues were frustrating their efforts claiming that they don’t see it as necessary.

She dismissed calls to disband their seats as proposed in a bill sponsored by Mwingi M.P. Hon. Mutambu saying that women fought for over 50 years for fair representation in Parliament and such calls were baseless and premature.

She added that Parliament is still male – dominated but they will try their best to have money allocated to Women MPs.





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