Garissa residents come out in large numbers to demonstrate against Al-Shabaab


By Abdiweli Adan, Garissa

Leaders from North Eastern Kenya and residents of Garissa today turned out in large numbers in the town to express their displeasure with Al-Shabaab following yesterday’s attack on Garissa University college.

They converged at Garissa primary school play grounds led by Governor Nathif Jama of Garissa.

The leaders said that it was time to stand up against criminal elements causing mayhem in the region and the country at large.

Governor Nathif pleaded with Kenyans from the rest of the country not to desert the county after the attack.

“We must condemn this heinous attack perpetrated by those who love to divide Kenyans. Garissa County would like to assure everyone that it will work with the national government to deal with them,” he said.

“People of NEP condemn yesterday’s attack in the strongest terms possible. We have vowed to stand against Al-Shabab and resolved to smoke them out of NEP” said Balambala legislature Abdikadir Aden.

Residents also took issue with security agencies whom they accused of prejudice. They called for measures to address mistrust between security agencies and the general public.

147 lives were lost in yesterday’s attack.





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