Fictional treaty worth our signatures

The Somali People’s Treaty of Peace, Integration and Progress.
We, the Somali Community, named collectively as the Somali Community and severally as Somali clans, sub-clans and families, professing common Islamic faith, speaking the common related languages and dialects and inhabiting the defined areas in Kenya across the borders in the Horn of Africa, hereby give ourselves this treaty, called “the treaty of Peace, Integration and Progress”. This treaty is binding on all members of the Somali tribe living in the country at the time of this treaty called Kenya. Representatives append their signatures to this treaty and take oath that they believe in the provisions of these treaty in letter and spirit.
We collectively and individually on our own behalf and on behalf of the entire community agree that:

1. There will be no more collective clan responsibility for any crimes. We agree to let all criminals face justice individually. We agree that murderers, rapists, violent robbers and arsonists will not be pardoned by any clan. We agree that where blood money or fidya is to be paid, it will entirely be paid by the murderer and his or her immediate family without help from any clan. That fidya will only be paid where the victim’s family forgives the murderer and asks for restitution and all fidya will be in full without precedent arrangements.

2. We agree that with the signing of this agreement all clan colonial borders are abolished and every Somali has the right to settle anywhere, seek pasture and water anywhere in the lands inhabited by the Somali. That measures to provide water, inculcate modern methods of animal husbandry and reduce over-grazing will be the responsibility of the community and its leaders.

3. With the signing of this agreement we create the “Somali Treasury Fund” where we will all contribute according to our ability. The fund will be managed by an independent trust and will be used for literacy, girls and women education, emergency, establishment of The Somali University and building of community centres.

4. By signing of this agreement we establish the Justice Council which will arbitrate any issues, deal with all cases of past injustices, resettle all IDPs, return all stolen wealth to its owners, compensate those who were most affected by past clan conflicts and identity any potential future conflicts and mediate them. Membership of this Council will be agreed upon by a national conference.

5. By signing this agreement we agree to foster social integration through sports. We establish the Somali games to be held every three years on rotation basis. The games will include soccer, wrestling, athletics and others and will be held to the rules and regulations of all international games. Prizes for the games will be funded from the “The Somali Treasury Fund”

6. By signing this agreement we agree to promote free political participation without limitation through clan and region and leadership will only be judged on character and manifestos. We bind ourselves to election of the most competent to positions of leadership. We bind ourselves to reject divisive individuals and cast out those who wish to divide us.

7. Other provisions…………….

Signed by:…………… 1 To 100 representing each important group.


Extracted from the Facebook page of Activist Salah Abdi Sheikh.





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