Farah Maalim Summoned by ATPU

Hon. Farah Maalim

Former Deputy speaker and Lagdera MP. Hon. Farah Maalim has been summoned by the Ant-terrorism police unit to ‘shed more light’ on his recent comments on the ongoing security operations and the recent terror attacks in the country.

The outspoken ex-MP has been critical of the government’s response to the terror attacks. He has also pointed an accusing finger at the government on the terror attacks.

His sentiments are shared by many who feel that the state could do better.

“I have been called by police to appear at the ATPU headquarters tomorrow (Thursday) at 11am and will dutifully honor that” he said.

The summon came after he appeared on Citizen TV’s morning show – Cheche.

Mr. Maalim said that he will take his campaign a notch higher by taking it to the public court and dismissed the current swoops as ethnic profiling.

He took issue with the state on the extra judicial killings of those linked to terror.

The former deputy speaker of the National Assembly recently dismissed the recent terror attacks and the swoops that followed as a ploy by the government to woo Western countries following their strained relations following the ICC cases.

He has also said that the swoops will make life difficult for Kenyans working in Somalia. “We already received information that over 25,000 Kenyans who are in Somalia may be repatriated as a result of what we have done to refugees” he added. 




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