Farah Maalim, Somalia Minister Gele exchange blows at a Nairobi hotel


By Nep Journal Correspondent:

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Former Deputy Speaker and Garissa Township parliamentary aspirant Farah Maalim and Somalia’s Federal Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Mohamed Jama Mursa (Gelle) yesterday exchanged blows at a Nairobi hotel after a misunderstanding.

Sources close to Farah Maalim told Nep Journal the two leaders engaged in a heated political debate resulting in the fisticuffs.

A CCTV video of the two leaders going for each other’s throat has since emerged and gone viral online.

In the video, Maalim is seen taking the war to the Somalia minister by slapping him severally before leading to physical tussle. Other customers and hotel staff moved in to separate them.

Maalim was reportedly provoked by the Somali Minister making him to unleash his boxing prowess.


Minister Gelle (middle) with Ethiopian officials at a past function in Somalia. Phot/Courtesy.

Kenyan politician Farah Maalim has on more than one occasion previously made controversial remarks on matters Somalia.

He is on record of dismissing the fight against Al Shabaab as a cat and mouse game giving radical suggestions that sometimes placed him on the wrong side of Kenyan law enforcement agencies.

Efforts by Nep Journal to get more information from the two leaders bore no fruits as they were busy with official engagements.





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