Farah Maalim questioned by police

Farah Maalim

Former Deputy Speaker and Lagdera Member of Parliament Hon. Farah Maalim today presented himself before the ATPU for questioning.

He was summoned by the police yesterday following his hard stance on the ongoing security operation in the country.

He said that police told him that they were investigating him because he caused tension in the country by trashing efforts by the state to curb insecurity and calling on people to challenge a legitimate move by the government.

Farah said that he saw this move by the police as an attempt to scare him from saying the truth and added that he will not give in.

Mr. Farah is on record for dismissing the terror attacks and the ongoing swoop by the police as a gimmick by the government to woo back the West by creating a common enemy – terrorism.

“Over a hundred explosions took place but no one was apprehended” he said.

Hon. Farah says that he on several occasions proposed to the government on how best to tackle the terror menace but they turned deaf ears and his conclusion was that the state is to blame for commission or omission.

On why he feels the exercise is about ethnic profiling of Somalis, he pointed out that the owner of the hotel in Eastleigh that was recently attacked has put it clearly that the two guys who walked in to the hotel and planted what exploded later were non Somalis yet the state turned on Somalis immediately.

“In Likoni, police said that they killed two people who were suspected to have carried out the attacks. Their identities were not brought to the public domain up to now. I am sure they were non Somalis too.” he added.

The former M.P says that he is the number one enemy of Al-shabaab and hates them most because of their inhuman acts both in Somalia and elsewhere.

Al-Shabaab placed a bounty on his head when he was the Deputy Speaker, together with the then Defense minister who is now the Senator of Garissa county Hon. Yussuf Haji. The government then beefed up their security.

“I only want the government to undertake objective, intelligence based investigations and bring to book those behind the attacks rather condemning a whole community. We have the best intelligence and investigation agencies in the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa” he sums up.







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