Exposed: What Somali women look for in a man!


By Suleiman Hassan.

Somali traditions had it that when a child reaches the age of puberty, parents, especially the father will go shopping for his or her better half.

Family background, tribal affiliations and cultural practices would play a huge role in determining the lucky girl or boy.

Things like modern day boy – girl relationship had no place in Somali traditions. You could end up marrying someone you never met or even talked to. The first encounter would be the day of marriage.

Changing times and life patterns of the Community have seen such practices disappear into the thin air as boys and girls have now took upon themselves the responsibility of getting the one to share their life with.

In a bid to establish what qualities Somali girls look for in the man of their choice, Kalsan, a Somali TV channel, interviewed several girls and their response was not only overwhelming, but also astonishing!

From the looks of a man to his marital status, it has emerged that most girls do not want to go near an already married man in a community that was once predominantly polygamous where women were not consulted when the man decides to bring a second wife on board.

Somali men, who still remain naturally polygamous, now have a hard task of convincing girls to accept an additional wife.

Take heart though, there are still those girls who want to go for a married man.

Here is the video:

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