Eastleighwood to hold Somali Cultural Day themed “Unique community, unique culture” in Nairobi.


By Adow Mohamed:

an artwork depicting Somali legendary - Arawelo is among items to be displayed at the cultural day.

an artwork depicting Somali legendary – Arawelo is among items to be displayed at the cultural day.


A youth organization is set to hold a Somali Cultural Day at Nairobi’s liberty shopping Center near Pangani Police station on Saturday November 26, 2016.

Organized by Eastleighwood, the event is expected to bring together Somali cultural dancers, religious leaders, community leaders, government officials and among other voices who will be making speeches and presentations.

There will be a food tent showcasing Somali cuisine, a video tent, Open dance workshops among other activities aimed to exhibit the rich Somali Cultural heritage.

The Cultural Day is intended to more importantly denounce the negative perceptions that other communities have about the Somali community.

Eastleighwood Youth Forum has strived in safeguarding and promoting profound issues of Somalia Culture through various interventions.


The organization is a youth-led non-profit which has been working in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area to empower and nurture the talents of youths through social platforms, arts, culture and community outreach programs (interactive Forums) as well as youth mentorship/training programs.

Executive Director of Eastleighwood Burhan Iman said they will showcase a number of activities that is going to be performed at the stage to entertain audience.

“The Products that will be Performed and exhibited include: Somali Cultural Dance, Somali music, Poetry, Video, food, Cultural artifacts among other items themed on issues of Inter ethnic Cohesion, Peace and harmony” he told Nep Journal.

Event sections/ actions

Eastleighwood has divided its events into three phases: the first phase starts with an open festival where all are invited at Liberty Shopping Centre grounds followed by a stakeholder forum targeting 100 community representatives at Grand Royal Hotel in Eastleigh.

The cultural day activities will then be shared on the different social media platforms those who will not be able to attend.

Participants and Targets;

The organization targets include:

100 Somali Youth Participating in Peer to Peer Influencing Action besides preparing and presenting Somali Cultural Products for the Somali Cultural Day.

500 Non Somali youths reached in peer to peer influencing action and also attending the Somali Cultural day.

2,000 Community members attending the Somali Cultural day.

50 Stakeholders to support and sustain the project.





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