Duale asks North Eastern men to marry more wives to increase region’s population


By Suleiman Hassan

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale addressing Wajir residents at Wajir High School. The school marked its 50th anniversary today.

Leader of Majority in the National Assembly and Garissa Township M.P. Hon. Aden Duale has urged men from North Eastern region to marry more than one wife and make more babies.

This he said will increase the region’s population hence giving it a muscle in the national political field.

Speaking at Wajir High School in Wajir County where he attended the school’s 50th anniversary celebrations, Duale asked women to allow able men marry up to four wives in order to enable the region actively participate in the National politics which he said was built on ‘tyranny of numbers’.

“We must increase our numbers if we want to effectively compete with other communities when it comes to national politics” he said.

Duale added that larger numbers mean bigger negotiation power when it comes to politics and allocation of resources.

“That is why you see political alliances based on communal strength”. Said the Majority leader who is also the Chairman of the North Eastern Parliamentary group comprising 34 MPs and Senators from the region.

On the same note, the Majority leader suggested a raft of other measures he said will up lift the living standards of the locals.

He singled out education as the single most important gateway to improved living standards and urged students to aim grade C+ and above.

Majority leader Aden Duale (Center), Wajir Governor  Ahmed Abdullahi (in black ) and Wajir Senator Abdirahman Hassan follow proceedings at the event

On this, he differed with other members who called for lowering of entry grades for teachers so that more locals can take up the profession.

Duale added that students in this region were able to match those in the rest of the country and there was no need to give them special treatment.

“Our problem is poor attitude towards this profession (teaching) which we must change. It is not about grades. Any student whose target is to attain below grade C should not waste the resources of parents” said Duale.

He also urged local leaders and residents to work on programs aimed at wealth creation so as to break the yoke of poverty.





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