Duale leaves for Hajj, asks for forgiveness


By Suleiman Hassan.

National Assembly Majority Leader and Garissa Township MP Hon. Aden Duale at the Lauch of Umma University last week

National Assembly Majority leader and Garissa Township MP Hon. Aden Dualle is among Kenyan Muslims leaving for this year’s annual Muslim pilgrimage – Hajj.

Duale is scheduled to leave later in the day and has asked for forgiveness from those he rubbed the wrong way.

“I make intention for the Hajj and I have entered into Ahram. So I travel today for Hajj to fulfill my religious obligation. In my imperfections as a human I could’ve erred and upset someone unknowingly. I sincerely ask for your forgiveness as I seek to be forgiven” he said in a post on his Facebook page.

As the House Majority leader, Duale has been outspoken in defending the policies of the ruling Jubilee coalition. This earned him friends and foes in equal measure with some terming his actions as sycophancy taken too far.

However, he is on record on saying that he had no apologies to make if ‘ably carrying out his duties’ was sycophancy.

In the past few weeks, the Majority leader’s infamous tongue lashing at Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto ‘pesa si ya mamako bwana’ was trending in the country.

Back home, Duale differed with Governor Nathif Jama of his home County over plans by the County Government to develop Boul-Argy Giraffe sanctuary in Garissa to the tune of 200M.





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