Duale, Keynan and Muturi Accused of extortionism

Speaker Muturi and M.P. Hon. Keynan

House speaker Hon. Justin Muturi, Leader of Majority Hon. Aden Duale and Wajir West M.P. Hon. Aden Kenyan who is also the Chair of Parliament’s Public Investments Committee are accused of swindling Companies and Institutions under Parliamentary investigations.

According to Kenya Today, an online publication, the three work in cahoots to milk those under scrutiny by Parliament.

The Star newspaper recently published the following information in it’s “corridors of power’ section and this forms the basis of these allegations by Kenya Today.

Leader of Majority Hon. Duale

Three members of national assembly have formed a triumvirate coalition dubbed “the three musketeers” by colleagues. The three, one of them a fierce defender of the establishment and the other one who is in opposition are said to be engaged in systematic milking of individuals and institutions who may become subjects of parliamentary scrutiny. The two receive the all-important backing of their colleague who has good friends in high places to undertake their activities.

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