CNN apologizes to Kenya over terror gaffe


Ibrahim A. Issack

cnn's terror hotbed

CNN’s Global Executive vice president and managing director Tony Maddox has personally delivered an apology on behalf of CNN international and expressed regret regarding the reference of the broadcaster on terror in the country.

Speaking when he called on President Uhuru at State House in Nairobi on Thursday, The CNN boss referred the r

emark that attracted furious reaction from Kenyans as “ill-fitting and undeserved”.

President Kenyatta has expressed his disappointment over the reference saying that it undermines the effort of the Kenya Defence Force at the fore front fighting terror in neighboring troubled Somalia.

The remark, the president said, appears to make mockery of their sacrifice.

In his official Facebook account, the president made it clear that terror is a global menace and not unique to Kenya alone.

“Today I held meeting with CNN Global Executive vice president and managing director, Tony Maddox, who called me at State House, Nairobi. He personally delivered an apology on behalf of CNN and expressed regret for portraying Kenya as ‘hotbed of terror’ read the statement in part.

Cable News Network has aired a story labelling Kenya as “hotbed of terror” ahead of president Obama’s visit to Kenya to attend the Global Entrepreneurship summit. The judgement attracted a furious social media backlash as Kenyans could not take the remark lightly.

Twitter users in Kenya took to lashed out at the International broadcaster coming up with the hashtag #SomeOneTellCNN.

President Kenyatta himself then said that Kenya was a hotbed of opportunities such as business and tourism contrary to what CNN said.





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