Case seeking to reduce North Eastern population figures kicks off at the Court of Appeal in Nairobi


By Hussein Ahmed

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Senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi positions himself ahead of the court session.

The much awaited hearing of a case at the Court of Appeal where the Attorney General seeks to challenge the 2011 ruling by High Court in Nairobi which overturned the government’s purported cancellation of the 2009 Census results of 8 districts in North Eastern counties of Wajir, Garissa & Mandera has kicked off today.

The appeal is also against the government’s purported attempt to use ‘smoothened’ figures as the population for the region which was thrown out by the same High Court.

Local politicians as well lawyers who hail from the region are putting up a brave fight to see the ruling stand.

Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow said that this was the appeal both the Kibaki & Uhuru administrations have been pursuing, in the belief that Somali population cannot be 2.3M, a position being pursued by other leaders from their backyards.

The so-called smoothened figures, if the AG wins the appeal, will reduce population of each of the 18 constituencies by 40%.

For instance, population in Mandera’s 6 constituencies will reduce by 40%, and ultimately all resource allocation will accordingly reduce by the same amount, both for county governments and CDFs.

The Somali population will also reduce by about 1M.

“We have drawn a team of legal experts led by Senior Counsel Ahmednasir to to represent the three county governments that have applied to be enjoined in the case” Said Senator Kerrow.

The case starts a day after local political leaders from the region, including the governors, senators & MPs, yesterday in the afternoon issued a strong statement warning the Executive against continued marginalization of the region by seeking to cancel the region’s census and consequently reduce resource allocations to the region.

The leaders cautioned Central Kenya leaders against sustained campaigns against the Somali interests, including their discriminatory & provocative profiling of the community.





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