Body of Kidnapped Eastleigh Businessman found in City Mortuary

The business premises of the slain businessman Mr. Mohamud Abdi Mohamud in Eastleigh

On June 23, 2014 at around 4pm, four men walked in to a shop in Eastleigh posing as CID officers and picked the owner Mr. Mohamud Abdi Mohamud (Black) telling him that he was wanted for questioning at Pangani police station.

Attempts by friends to accompany him fell on deaf ears from the ‘officers’ who instructed them to take a different car as theirs was full.

Relatives and friends later went to Pangani police station only to find out that he was not booked there. Sensing danger, they extended their search to other police stations in the city including Kasarani where those arrested in the infamous ‘Operation Usalama watch’ were taken for screening. They could not find him.

Their fears were confirmed when two days later a check on his bank accounts revealed that money was withdrawn from his accounts through the ATM in Muranga, Ruaraka and Kencom.

After a search that lasted nearly a month after his disappearance, his body was found at City Mortuary. Friends and relatives accompanied by Kamakunji and Wajir South MPs Yussuf Hassan and Abdullahi Diriye respectively converged at the Morgue from where they spoke to the press.

“The bodies of three business people from my constituency have been found hanged, strangled and dumped in to the dam (Masinga) and all of them were taken from their businesses in Eastleigh by people claiming to be members of the Police force” confirmed Kamakunji MP Hon. Yussuf Hassan.

He added that they were shocked and disturbed by the development and confirmed that two more people were still missing in similar circumstances.

His Wajir South Counterpart Hon. Abdullahi Diriye appealed to the Government to root out rogue police officers so that Police can deal with the people professionally. This he said will enable the public to differentiate thugs from the Police.

The slain businessman hails from Wajir town and leaves behind a wife and five children.




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