Battle for the billions; Duale brings home Rutos millions


Majority leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale has called on North Eastern Kenya to rally behind Deputy President William Ruto in his efforts to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking at a rally in Dadaab, Duale said North Eastern’s safest bet was Ruto since he was generous and ‘clean’ from past injustices.

“Ruto is a nomad like us, he is generous and has resources, Gedion Moi is not a choice for us so long as we remember all the massacres in North Eastern like Garissa Gubay and Wagalla” said the majority leader.

Duale said Ruto’s ‘Philanthropic politics” has helped the region build many madrasas and schools hence the need to welcome him more.

On Friday during his tour of Dadaab and Fafi constituencies in Garissa County, Duale openly introduced the style for the first time, saying his main focus would be supporting Islamic religious institutions.

Madrasaas have been cash-strapped since aftermath of 9/11 when the United States authorities blocked Arab aid into the country on the pretext that it was meant to “support terrorism.”

“I want to tell my colleagues from Wajir and Garissa that the only way to survive in politics is to support Madrasas and Mosques,” he said in Somali in the company of several MPs from the region.

Duale hlped assist over 40 Madrasas in the region since 2013 through different initiatives such as bus purchases and fundraisers.




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