Another goody for NEP as #Walkofhope team plans to mobilize resources to build a library for Wajir girl’s secondary school


Final stretch. Walkers in the Walkofhope arrive in Mandera yesterday ahead of crossing the Finishing line: Border Point one.

By Suleiman Hassan

A day after the Walk of hope was concluded in Mandera, organizers and participants of the 1000km trek have announced plans to marsh residents of the North Eastern region behind efforts to give Wajir girls secondary school an ultra modern library.

Lead activist Salah Abdi Sheikh said that this was among many initiatives in the pipeline aimed at inculcating self reliance in the people of North Eastern Kenya and called on Wajir County residents as well as other well wishers to donate one brick and drop it at the school.

“We will only use one type of brick which is Machine Cut and well laid, available from Mass Engineering in Wajir Town. The cost is Ksh. 120 a piece including transport. You can buy the brick and leave it at the bricklayer and we will collect and deliver to the school” Said Salah in a post on his Facebook page.

Those who wish to donate more can buy a bag of cement or Ksh. 1,000, he added.

The #WalkofHope team wants the project to kick off in the next two months and is calling on area residents to chip in with both material and labour.

“We are not actually looking for money, we want to come together and use our hands to build the Library. We contribute the materials and be the labour” says Salah.

Despite preaching peace and creating awareness in all the areas they visited during the month long trek, the team also gave voluntary lessons in schools which were grappling with shortage of teachers.





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