A review of Wajir County Assembly in the last one year.


By Haji Omaarey

Governor Ahmed Abdullahi giving his State of the County Address at the Wajir County Assembly in March this year.

It is official now. Wajir County Assembly is gone to the dogs. Since 2013 when it was launched, the performance of the assembly, it’s elected MCA’s and the speaker and the general leadership of the county assembly has been nothing but sheer incompetence.

Regrettably the institution mandated to provide oversight has become a Trojan horse for the executives to loot and plunder devolved funds.

Under the leadership of the current speaker, a political rejectee and a project of one the incumbent members of parliament in the last general election, wrangles, infighting, inexcusable long absence from the county assembly sessions by MCA’s, murky dealings by MCA’s who chase contracts has been the hallmark picture of the county assembly for the last one year.

The Quality of the debates and the general output of the county assembly are fatal. To this date, the number of bills passed by that rogue institution is unclear. The picture that one fathom of the county assembly is reminiscent of the formerly chaotic county council meetings. Most of the oversight committees formed are not functioning and are a leeway for easy allowances by lazy MCA’s.

The County assembly Service Board has become a syndicate that extorts and dupes job applicants. Word has it that the board members and few MCA’s, Jiir (Wajir Governor)loyalists and some powerful cartels and family members related to key county official meet in Nairobi months before the interview to share jobs.

The current county assembly board as currently constituted is a project of the executive. All the membership of the board has been given lucrative contracts with the speaker reportedly landing a mega contract worth tens of millions to buy his royalty.

The rest of the board members: the Majority leader, the Minority leader and the clerk are full time servants of the executives. Word has it that since the Governor and his executives has successfully dethroned and isolated the bewildered Speaker, the clerk of the assembly has gained political ascendancy and calls the shots.

With this kind of lethargic leadership in our oversight institution, millions of devolved kitties would find its way into the pockets of few fat cats out there.




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