25 Aliens nabbed in Garissa


Police in Garissa have arrested up to 25 Aliens en route to Nairobi. They were arrested following a search on buses heading to Nairobi.

Tana bridge checkpoint

Despite the heavy police presence at the Tana bridge in Garissa, it was very rare for police to nab such a large number of aliens in one day.

Police in Mwingi and Matuu on several occasions arrested aliens and even weapons that successfully saw their way through Garissa.

Bus crews and police coined the term ‘mbuzi’ in reference to aliens to conceal their business transactions when negotiating on the number of aliens a bus was carrying.

Garissa county commissioner Mr. Rashid Khator said that this crack down will continue and promised that Garissa will not be a hideout or a lee way for aliens heading to Nairobi or elsewhere.




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